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hollroden said:

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Fingers trace your every outline, paint a picture with my hands. Back and forth we sway like branches in a storm, change the weather, still together when it ends.
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I missed you! of course all your beautiful things .... you are awesome! welcome back !

Aww ! Thank you ♥ Btw, your icon is so cute ! Even though Bear’s tongue creeps me out a bit LOL

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TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them that they are it.

Let’s see, eeerm.

  1. I hate to watch films dubbed in french, especially Rob’s or Kristen’s because I’m used to their “real” voice.
  2. I love to stay at home in my pajamas all day long. 
  3. The first thing I do in the morning is to read fics on my phone. 
  4. I started to learn Italian in September. 
  5. I’m addicted to tea. 
  6. I went to the Florence + The Machine concert in November and it was amazing ! 
  7. I tend to forget things.
  8. For example, I forget I own a phone which explains why it can takes me forever to reply to texts. It drives my friends crazy. 
  9. I spend too much money on clothes.
  10. I’m probably the laziest person on earth. That’s why, I tag whoever read this! 
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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson at the Breaking Dawn, Part II LA Premiere (Nov 12, 2012)

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“Those guys are… they’re mine.” — Kristen Stewart